BMED. Grad Cert Nutr Med.

Dr Senani Wijesena is an Integrative GP and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner. 

She has a special interest in Women’s Health, Hormonal balancing including Thyroid and adrenal disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Metabolic Syndrome, Autoimmune disease, Mental well being, Allergies/food intolerances, preventative medicine and Nutrition.

She has been practising as a GP since 1996 and in Integrative Medicine since 2006 after graduating from The University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1993. She also completed a 4 year postgraduate course in Nutritional Medicine at RMIT (Grad Cert Nutritional Med) and recently won a scholarship to complete training with the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine and is studying to obtain Fellowship (FACNEM).

She has previously practiced at Your Health Manly and the Health Lodge in Byron Bay.

Dr Wijesena does extensive Nutritional based tests including Microbiome Analysis, Nutritional levels, heavy metal analysis, Organic acid tests, hormonal assays, Pyrrole tests, Food intolerance testing, Genetic tests, Neurotransmitter levels, Hair analysis amongst other tests. Some are covered under Medicare and some are privately billed.

She works with diet, supplements,  detoxification, hormone balancing, herbs, antioxidants, antimicrobials and incorporates traditional western medicines as required.

The initial and follow-up consultations are 45 minutes and subsequent consultations are 30 minutes or 15 minutes based on needs. 

Please call reception on 02 9966 8666 to book an appointment today!

Dr Senani’s website www.drsenaniwijesena.com