A leading expert in women’s wellbeing and empowerment, Kate O’Flynn the Founder of Orbit of You, has been in clinical practice specialising in women’s health, hormones, gut health and stress management for over two decades. Driven by her passion to support and educate women; Kate’s has worked at both The Royal Hospital for Women (Randwick) and Genea IVF.

Practising as a Naturopathic Clinician, lifestyle medicine expert in her own clinic, Kate believes, the key to happiness and health lies in the interconnected nature of our true and whole selves.

In June 2020, Kate was Fellowed by the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine representing the highest level of expertise and peer recognition available for health professionals in the field of Lifestyle Medicine.

A regular keynote speaker and educator, Kate shares her extensive advanced trainings in her Corporate Wellbeing Programs, designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing in busy workplace environments. Whether Kate is mentoring, consulting patients in private practice or speaking on stage, her core purpose is to inspire women to feel deeply connected to wellness and empower her to embody feminine wisdom.

Orbit Of You is about the present moment. Who you are right now, and what you can do to feel even better in body, mind and soul. The emphasis is on you – empowering clients to tap into their inner wisdom and own their transformation.

To read more about Kate and her services, you can visit her website click here > www.orbitofyou.com.au

Kate is available at Nature Care Health on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Please contact us on 02 9966 8666 to find out further information or to book an appointment