New Unique Comprehensive Health Assessment Program

We are offering a wholistic plan for health to people through the centre. This involves the pooling of perspective, tests and experience to patients from a GP , Acupuncturist and Naturopath initially. This can range from a basic annual assessment to be able to establish trend markers for the patterns and direction of your health using blood tests, traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis , rate of aging test, dysbiosis (ratio of good helpful bacteria to less helpful) tests as well as detailed assessing of your eating and sleeping patterns, environmental stressors as well as capacity to deal with them.

After the initial checking from the different disciplines, recommendations will be made and in discussion with you a central guide will be assigned to support your health journey.

If you have a long standing chronic condition more extensive functional pathology testing , allergy desensitisation, muscular skeletal evaluation, nutritional status , toxicity levels or other treatments may be required from other practitioners in the clinic or elsewhere if you need it, however your guide will be someone that you can refer back to for support and continuity.

It is great value for $150 which also includes a Far infrared sauna session, to encourage de-stressing for you.

Please come in, ring 99668666 or use the contact form for more details.

Remember it is only by checking at least annually can we pick up on your health trend towards wellness or disease