From January 2015, I am offering SPECIAL PACKAGES … These programs are designed to bring about a COMPLETE ENERGETIC MAKE-OVER , that will Re-Design your whole life….

Over the last 30 years of my practice, the most extraordinary results in recovering health were achieved by the people who were willing to commit ahead of time , setting regular appointments dates in their diary . Because in doing that , you actually affirm your commitment to yourself and it has a powerful impact on the end result!
I have experienced this process myself and I am here to help you achieve optimal health!
Feel free to contact me to claim your free 1/2h phone consultation to discuss your personal situation.
So here are the pre-paid packages options to turn around your health:

Single sessions are still available : 1h $145 /1/2h $95

4 pre- paid sessions package: $520 (save $60)

This is flexible, to be scheduled according to what best suits the person’s situation.

12 pre -paid sessions package: $1590 (save $150)

This package includes a GIFT as a reward for your COMMITMENT : free training in 2 powerful self help techniques that will continue to support you and your loved ones for the rest of your life!

These are valued at $490 … a total saving of $640!!!

I can presently make this 12 sessions package SPECIAL OFFER for 20 new clients. these prices are available for a short time only.

So , if your NY resolution involves your health, I am 100% committed to help you. Are you?
Contact me today!

Martine Negro

(leave me available times when I can call you.)