Veronica is qualified in the evidence based Masgutova Method of reflex integration (MNRI) and holds qualifications in the following MNRI Program Techniques: NeuroTactile, Postural & Dynamic Reflex Integration and Archetype Movements and Lifelong Reflex Integration. Veronica treats several conditions including but not limited to: Nervous System Regulation, Stress and Emotional Resilience, Primitive Reflex Integration, Sensory-Motor Processing, Behavioral and Developmental Challenges and Cancer Support.

Veronica draws upon her experience and range of methodologies to design a suitable treatment program to meet her client’s individual needs. Known for her “calming energy”, her primary objective is to use specific manual techniques to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and bring the mind-body back to balance, ease and flow. Restoring this balance is critical for both physical health, mental wellbeing and child development.

Veronica is available at Nature Care Health on Wednesdays. Please contact us on 02 9966 8666 to find out further information or to book an appointment

To read more about Veronica and her services, you can visit her website