Salima Diagne, Crows Nest , Sydney

Salima Diagne


Salima is a clinical naturopath, phytotherapist and clinical nutritionist with an
integrated approach to healthcare, which consists of utilising the best of
evidence based nutritional, herbal and lifestyle treatments along with a sound
understanding of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, to achieve optimal
health and vitality for her patients with a wide range of health conditions.
Salima understands that the human body is an extremely complex organism
where all systems are inextricably interconnected and interdependent on one
another. The delicate interplay of these systems, which Salima calls ‘the
synergetic matrix’, can be influenced not only by physical factors but also by
familial, environmental, social, cultural, mental and spiritual underpinnings.
Addressing all these elements then becomes paramount to the healing process
and hence why an integrative, multipronged approach is required.
Going beyond a disease management model, Salima seeks to address the
underlying factors leading to deviations in vitality, in order to enable long-term
health solutions. She focuses on achieving best possible patient therapeutic
outcomes with the provision of individually tailored treatment plans that aim to
nurture and support the body and mind back to greater health.
Education is the cornerstone of Salima’s consults, she wishes to empower her
patients with knowledge so that they may be masters of their own health. After
all, knowledge is power!
Salima’s approach is pragmatic, collaborative, empathetic and non-judgmental.
Areas of special interest include the provision of natural medicine in geriatric
care, dementia/alzheimers, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, chronic/acute immune
based conditions, stress management, digestive and mental health.

What to expect
As Salima specialises in nutrition and phytotherapy the key focus of her
treatments involve:

Food as Medicine: given that food is an integral factor in optimal health, she
offers dietary advice that is suited to your individual needs, lifestyle, values,
culture and budget. It is always a collaborative approach and Salima is happy to
meet you at whatever stage you are at. She believes in small, timely, manageable

Herbal Prescriptions are advantageous as they are specifically formulated to
your unique health needs and therefore result in much greater outcomes for

Supplementation: is utilised to correct nutritional deficiencies and support
body’s defense mechanisms.

Functional biochemical testing may be done, if necessary, to detect any
imbalances or deficiencies, streamline treatment trajectory in more complex
presenting conditions and finally benchmark progress and success overtime.

If you are looking to maximise general health and wellbeing or need help with
addressing more serious health exacerbations, please call our reception team on

02 9966 8666 to book an appointment with Salima.