Lisa Phillips


Lisa Phillips
B Soc Sc Hon in Clinical Psychology, Diploma Art Therapy
Registered Mental Health Social Worker.
Art Therapist
Medicare Refunds where applicable
Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Managing stress, Grief and Loss, Life
transitions, Parenting Issues

Lisa provides a 3-fold Wholistic Strength based approach, involving Mind,
Body and Spirit
For the last 20 years Lisa has focused her skills in the arena of Addiction and Mental Health.
Lisa’s extensive experiences of traditional and alternative therapies enable her
to tailor the approach to the needs of each individual.
Lisa facilitates the process of gently navigating through each unique landscape,
accessing tools to cope with anxieties, depression addictions, feeling
disconnected and losing your way.
Lisa works from the premise that through accessing our own inner strengths and
resources, we are able to free ourselves from patterns of behaviour, which
prevent us from reaching our full potential.