Evonne Bennell, Crows Nest , Sydney

Evonne Bennell

Evonne Bennell is a Neuro-developmental specialist, kinesiologist and craniosacral therapist. Her experience of developmental disorganisation is a very personal one, and in seeking answers and support for herself and her family she has spent the last 20 years both practicing and educating herself.

She understands the financial challenges and time constraints parents face and the balancing act of visiting many therapists, following dietary requirements and caring for several children. She’s passionate about sharing low cost, effective movement and play-based solutions. These are activities kids will actually want to do while evolving into being their full potential.


Evonne is a registered Level 5 accredited  kinesiologist, licenced educational kinesiologist/Brain Gym Consultant, a practitioner of Move to Learn, an accredited Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT), provider and Instructor of levels 1, 2 and 3 and school readiness. She’s also a certified Brain Gym and Movement Based Learning Instructor and holds a post graduate diploma in biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy.

As Evonne’s experience and knowledge has grown her approach has also evolved. She has realised by working with babies and young children many developmental, attention and learning challenges can be effectively supported in the early years in readiness for school.  Although it is never too late to consolidate and stabilise the foundations and support change its far better to lay solid foundations if you can.

Many factors can contribute to babies and children who exhibit developmental interruptions, low tone or biochemical imbalances. Regardless of the reason Evonne believes that revisiting the developmental foundations and inhibiting/integrating the primitive reflexes is key to supporting any other therapy. This is because a baby naturally progresses through its individual milestones through the automatic movements of the primitive reflexes. If these primitive reflexes remain active they may impede the developmental process.
In some kids these interruptions become ongoing issues. It might be emotional development, behavioural issues, delays in speech, gross and fine motor skills. Or less easy to define difficulties in learning and living.

Today Rhythm Movement Training (RMT) is one of the cornerstones of Evonne’s practice and her Evolve into Being Home Programs. In many cases younger children and babies require very little active therapy before their bodies respond. But there’s no doubt that older children and adults benefit too.

Evonne also offers learning support for older children and adults including the elderly, anyone who would like to improve or maintain function and organisation whether they have gaps or delays in development, sensory processing issues, learning challenges or emotional resilience and self- regulation.

Evonne has an ongoing interest in biochemistry, the brain-gut connection and its link to a healthy immune system and general wellbeing. She continues to study the impact of retained primitive reflexes. Her focus is on learning and emotional stability and the ongoing exploration of sensory integration and developmental movement.

Evonne is available every Monday by appointment. Please contact reception on 02 9966 8666