Dr. Yvonne Bloomfield (Ruby), Crows Nest , Sydney


M.B. B.S. D.T.P.H.

Dr Bloomfield or ‘Ruby’, as she is known to her patients, has been practicing medicine at Nature Care Wholistic And Medical Centre for over fifteen years. Previously she has been a lecturer at Nature Care College, and several other educational institutions in symptomatology and diagnosis.

Dr Bloomfield says, “I am still a ‘conventional’ doctor and therefore patients will get my opinion from a traditional medical front but also have a broader base than the truly conventional GP”.

Ruby has a compassionate and empathic style of practice, with a special interest in women’s health, Travel Medicine and Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy
Intravenous Vitamin Therapy is a great way to ensure maximum benefit from vitamin C by injecting it straight into our veins. Vitamin C is very useful in fighting acute and chronic infections, fatigue and boosting immune function. It is also very good for speeding up the healing process after illness, disease or surgery.

The vitamin C will usually be administered in a saline or glucose solution and can either be injected with a straight push syringe or with an infusion from a drip over a longer period of time.
Vitamin B Forte, B12, Folic acid and Iron injections are also available.

Vitamin therapy may be available with Dr Bloomfield upon request.

1st Consultation 1hr $145
Medicare Rebate approximately $100