Dr. Senani Wijesena, Crows Nest , Sydney



Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Wholistic General Practitioner

Areas of Speciality include:

General Practice – all aspects viewed with a combined natural / conventional approach, including Paediatrics, Acute Viral / bacterial illnesses, Pregnancy / Preconception Care, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Travel Medicine.

Wellness checksComplete Nutritional Assessments- assessments of nutriture status, body composition analysis, nutritional blood / urine assays, specialised testing in Nutritional medicine, Organic acid testing, Ige and IGg food allergy testing, Amino acid profiles, Intestinal permeability tests, Stool parasitology tests, Functional liver detoxification profile, Hormonal assays-incl womens health, andropause, adrenal gland profiles.

Diseases of westernisation of diet/lifestyle – including

1.Autoimmune disease
3.Cardiovascular disease
5.Chronic inflammatory/degenerative disease
6.Obesity and Women’s Health issues eg. PCOS, Menopause (bioidentical hormones), pap smear
Anti Ageing Medicine
7.Optimum health is the aim, and to achieve this, early prevention of body dysfunction and maintenance of good health is crucial. Identification of causes of illness (such as leaky gut, nutritional insufficiency, immune system deregulation) is given priority to achieve wellness and eradicate disease.

At least 1 hour is spent with each new patient exploring a comprehensive history of body symptoms (including gut dysfunction), past medical history, diet, toxins, hormonal issues, use of supplements/medications, genetic/family history and relaxation techniques toidentify areas of ill- health and strengths. This includes a relevant systems physical examination and ordering of tests as appropriate.

Follow up appointments explore test results and elaboration of a comprehensive management plan.

Optimum health and treatment of ill health is achieved with the use of natural techniques such as nutritional and herbal medicine and counselling as the prime modalities. However, conventional medicine is incorporated when appropriate.

CBT counselling- stress, depression, anxiety/panic disorder, social phobias, body dysmorphic disorders, eating disorders, drug and alcohol counselling, smoking cessation.

Levels of toxin exposure eg. mercury, lead, arsenic and body mineral status can be tested via hair mineral analysis, blood assays, and urine provocation tests.

Comprehensive management programmes include diet plan formulations eg. gluten free diet, anti-candida diet, elimination diets based on individual findings, use of supplements (nutritional and/or herbal) as appropriate, correction of unbalanced intestinal microbial flora, eradication of toxins, correction of liver detoxification issues and hormonal balance using.

Patients are followed up and retested as needed to ensure correction of deficiencies/imbalances and elimination of toxins (microbial or chemical).

All consultations are by appointment only. Medicare rebates apply to all consultations and some pathology testing. Rebate varies from 30- 50 % of the fee charged.