Maryam Saligheh, Crows Nest, Sydney


Dr. Maryam Saligheh is an author, life coach, motivational speaker, and accredited exercise physiologist who is eager to unleash the sense of empowerment in those who cross her path. Her coaching is based on the concept of beyond, eternity, and infinity as outline in her second book Beyond. Maryam’s powerful techniques and strategies can help you discover and nurture the sense of empowerment within. With 8 years of research into practice experience (mental health and exercise), Maryam can help you achieve and accomplish your goals in the following areas:

Personal Development

Strategic Planning

Creating a Positive Self-Image

Enhancing Focus

Developing Discipline and Determination

Having a Breakthrough

Creating Healthy Relationships

Managing Chronic Disease (e.g. Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, etc.)

Creating an Active Lifestyle

Exercise Prescription for Chronic Conditions

Transforming Depression, Anxiety, & Stress

Satisfaction at Work

Life Purpose

Creating your Future

Peak Performance

Creating a Wealthy Mindset

Learn how to Meditate

Maryam is also a meditation teacher, Sports Yoga instructor, and a Massage Therapist with a focus on Swedish and Deep Tissue. In addition, Maryam is  gifted with the ability to identify your common thought patterns, blocks, and offers strategies to heal the unhealed emotions and habitual thought patterns. Maryam also offers the recognition of thought patterns and energy blocks based on listening to your voice. To benefit from any of the above services come and meet with Maryam at the practice on Mondays 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. To make an inquiry or to book a session please contact the clinic. For further information about Maryam and her work please visit alternatively you can visit Maryam’s Instagram or Facebook page for an inspirational content.

Please note that Medicare or Private Health Funds Rebate Available for the Management of Chronic Disease & Exercise Physiology Service. You can talk to your GP to discuss eligibility.

Massage Therapy – Swedish and Deep Tissue  (Wednesdays Only) – 45 mins $80,  1 hr $95

Exercise Physiology: 45 minutes $90.

Please note the Medicare rebate is approximately $52.95. Private health fund rebate may be applicable, please contact your provider.

Life coaching sessions are 75 minutes $150