Jade Ghenzer

Hi! My name is Jade Ghenzer, a diploma qualified energetic healer and certified meditation facilitator. My specialty is assisting the release of emotional, mental and physical blockages from the body’s communication centres.

I’m a natural introvert. My challenge has always been learning to express my feelings and my truth in the moment when its called for. I was so practiced in saying what everyone expected to hear for so long, it became habit. By my long habitual behaviour grounded in my need to belong and be liked, I silenced my voice.

With the blockage on my voice, my childhood asthma came back, along with several recurring respiratory conditions. All created by my blocking of my communication centre, my throat chakra.

The past few years has been a journey of commitment to acceptance, love and healing my body, through inner work.

I’m here to assist people seeking to unleash their inner voice and express their authentic selves.

What is energetic healing.

Energy is all around us. Most can’t see it, but we can all feel it.

We feel the energy of each new room we enter and if there has been a recent angry discussion, the energy is palpable. You can cut it with a knife, we sometimes say. Energy is invisible, but its very real.

We describe ourselves as feeling light when we feel on top of the world. We feel our energy diminished when we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Each person is made up of different energy fields. Starting from the physical body, the most solid and densest part of each human being, to the finer subtle etheric energy fields that surround what we know as “us”. These subtle energy fields are made up mainly of the aura, the chakras and the meridians. Any blockage in these fields can upset the delicate balance of energies required to keep our entire being, including our physical body, in harmony.

Energetic healing is based on the holistic view that the body, mind and spirit is one complete system. They are intrinsically connected, just like the physical body. When any area is out of balance the whole system is affected as other areas try to compensate. The same method applies with the chakra system, the aura and the meridians.

Energy is essentially neutral. But a person’s energy field is in a constant state of movement. So how does energy end up causing us issues & dis-ease? A thought enters the mind. The mind makes a judgement, is it pleasant? Or not? An emotion then attaches to the thought. Love, sadness, anger…or other emotions. The emotional feeling then infuses the person’s being. If the emotional feeling and the initial thought pattern hangs around in the person’s subtle energy field long enough, the energy compresses, increases density, becomes a blockage and moves closer to the physical body. After time, the compressed energy manifests in the physical body and results in dis-ease. Negative energies or blockages in a person’s energy field manifest as self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns, that if left unchecked become associated with dis-ease.

Energetic healing assists in gentle manipulation of the energy fields to clear the blocks and repair the field, so that the entire body can find its way back into a state of harmony and balance.
What does the practitioner do.

Energetic healers see each person as a complete being and the body, including the subtle bodies, as a complete system, which has a holistic relationship with all its parts to maintain health. We are usually trained in more than one modality to practically and intuitively manipulate the subtle energy systems in a gentle, non-invasive way to get to the root of the issue.

I uses aura raking, chakra balancing, meridian tracing, crystal healing and sound therapy, as well as coaching techniques to guide you on your way back to energetic health and wholeness.
What energy healing does not do.

Let me be crystal clear. Energetic healing is a complementary healing modality. It is NOT a replacement for conventional western medicine. My work is based on assisting to transform the emotional and mental causes of dis-ease, as well as removing the energetic blocks associated with the dis-ease. I do NOT work with the removal of the actual dis-ease, although in some cases this may happen over time. But I do assist with shifting the underlying beliefs which may have resulted in the dis-ease. I am not a medical doctor. If you feel that your health is physically compromised in any way, I will always recommend that you consult your doctor first before you come see me.

My qualifications

I hold a Diploma of Energetic Healing and a Certificate of Meditation Facilitation from Nature Care College, St Leonards, Sydney.
I’m a member of the IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists)
For more information visit www.prismhealing.com.au